My Hypnobirthing Experience

On 27th July our beautiful baby boy, Jayden, was born naturally – just the way we had wished for.

I was very lucky to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth, but I also attribute much of my success during labour to HypnoBirthing. Leading up to birth, Louise Norton and the courses on HypnoBirthing my husband and I took were so reassuring. The relaxation techniques that the course and book provided gave me confidence in my own body and to view birth as a natural part of life. I was able to release the fears I had of birth.

The relaxation techniques gave me a focus on and enabled me to get in tune with my body. During my third trimester I listened to the affirmations daily and kept picturing a smooth, easy birth.

When my waters broke at 36.5 weeks, it definitely wasn’t in my plan. I was a bit shocked and concerned about the birth, because I didn’t want to be induced if I could avoid it. So my husband and I tried for 65 hours to bring labour on naturally – you name it we tried it! Acupuncture, spicy food, walking up stairs, relaxation, pineapple etc… I had some contractions on the second night, but they fizzled out and by day three we were getting concerned about bub’s welfare. We decided after much thought to be induced. It was not what I had hoped for, and I was concerned it might make the contractions more intense and lead to the need for pain relief. It was also very limiting being hooked up to a drip and CTG the entire labour, but I was able to use my ipod and focus on the relaxation techniques to bring my heart rate down and get through each contraction. Even though my plan had changed, I was able to use the tools I learned during our HypnoBirthing classes to stay positive.

My husband was fantastic during the labour and he used acupressure points to bring relief and kept prompting me to relax further. Whilst no labour is easy, mine was fortunate enough to go smoothly and I believe the relaxation really helped me to stay calm when I would otherwise be stressed. 8 hours later, and thankfully without any drugs for pain relief, our beautiful son Jayden was born, healthy and happy. He was alert and his heart never skipped a beat.  Despite being slightly premature, he latched on quickly and fed well.

3 weeks later and our little boy is really filling out quickly and growing every day. I would recommend HypnoBirthing to any woman I know. It was empowering and most importantly gave me the tools I needed to surrender with my body during birth. It helped me to stay focused and mentally prepare for labour, with the view to giving our baby the best start we could. The human body is an amazing thing, particularly the woman’s body, and even when things don’t go to plan during labour, relaxation can still greatly assist in helping the birth to go more smoothly.

Kind Regards,

April Harrick










We welcomed our beautiful baby boy Ari on the 22nd and I’m sorry
I’m just getting around to sharing our fantastic first-timer
birthing experience with you, now! 


Was due 14th Aug but fully expected to go over as this was our
first. I’d had a fantastic pregnancy with no complications and kept
myself active with walking, Pilates and yoga and studied HypnoBirthing
techniques for relaxation and to use during labour.  I took
raspberry leaf tea tablets from 36 weeks onwards, gradually
increasing from 2 tablets per day (4g each) to 4 per day and did
Evening Primrose oil massages daily.

Lost my plug on the 17th and when I went to the doc on the 20th I
was 3cm dilated, and highly favourable, so he did a sweep to see if
it might kick start labour.  Booked in for an induction the
following Monday (41+5) in case, but he didn’t think that I would
need it.
 On the morning of the 21st I felt a little tired and crampy but
didn’t think much of it – went out for lunch and caught up with
family in the afternoon.  As I was cooking tea I thought I would
just start timing the cramping and found that it was regular (5
mins apart for 30 secs) but not painful.  I took myself off to bed
early thinking “just in case”!

Woke up at 1:30am 22nd with cramps that I wasn’t able to sleep
through.  They were 8 mins apart for a minute each and I used the
HypnoBirthing relaxation and different positions to keep comfy..
All the while thinking it was probably just Braxton Hicks!  At 6am
I woke up Tim and told him I didn’t think he should go to work, and
maybe he should pack a bag for the hospital – while I jumped in the
bath.  By 8:15 the contractions were 3 mins apart so we rang the
hospital who said just to come in when I wasn’t coping with them
anymore. By 9:30 I thought that we should probably go in anyways –
they’d been 3 mins apart and a minute long for over an hour, and
although they had intensified i was still comfortable and relaxed,
using the Mongan CDs.

By the time we got to the hospital (we had a phone call and a
visitor in the meantime!) it was after 10:00am. The midwife did
lots of monitoring and asked if she could do an internal to check
our progress – we were 8cm! I was so surprised and so was she.. We
joked about having a baby by lunchtime, but really we all thought
we were in for a long day given I was still pretty comfortable.

She went for a cuppa and by the time she came back the contractions
had taken over my body and I was on all fours and J-breathing my
baby down.. shortly afterwards my body started pushing. I used the
gas to manage the pain from then on, and I remember how amazingly
supportive my DH was as he talked me through it. Our beautiful boy
was born after a 40 minute second stage at 12:39.  We hadn’t found
out the sex so it was so lovely the midwife asked my DH to tell me
we had a boy!

Ari was so alert and relaxed he didn’t even cry, and spent the next
two hours on my chest in blissful skin-to-skin contact where we BF
for the first time. I did suffer some tearing (he was 8p 10oz) but
all that really felt like nothing – we finally had our gorgeous
baby, and so very quickly!

I feel so very lucky to have had such a wonderful, natural (apart
from some gas), first-timer birthing experience. I was happy I
could stay at home as long as I did, as I think that helped me
relax more and allowed me to use HypnoBirthing successfully to be
so comfortable for so long. Ari is such a cruisey baby – at a week
old he sleeps in 4-5 hourly cycles, feeds well and even put on
weight before we left the hospital.. But he might just be breaking
the new parents in gently!

Thanks Louise so very much for your wonderful HypnoBirthing
classes, advice and support – they no doubt helped us to achieve
an amazing birthing experience and bought our son into the world in
such a beautiful and calm way.  We couldn’t be happier!
All the best,
T, H & A


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