What’s it good for?

Acupuncture is an effective therapy that complements standard medical care. It is a safe, sustainable and works well on most people.

Over recent years the acceptance and use of acupuncture has risen dramatically. It is recognised and used by an increasing number of GPs and other health professionals.


Through practice and experience, Louise has seen that acupuncture is especially good for:

  • Pain (chronic and acute in all parts of the body)
  • Digestive complaints (indigestion, reflux, IBS, constipation)
  • Stress related disorders (anxiety, depression, insomnia, headache, migraines)
  • Respiratory and seasonal disorders (cough, hay-fever, asthma, recurring colds and flus)
  • Women’s health (PMT, period pain, endometriosis, cysts, fertility, pregnancy and post-natal issues, menopausal symptoms)
  • Children’s health (hyperactivity, anxiety, asthma, weak constitution, bedwetting)
  • General health (fatigue, recovering from strokes, surgeries and viruses)
  • Chronic disease management (autoimmune conditions)

If you have any questions as to whether acupuncture could be useful for you, please email us.


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